Honold goes Bexio



Honold goes bexio

Bexio is one of the Swiss market leaders in cloud-based business software for small businesses. It has been on the market for 5 years and is currently used by over 40,000 companies. As a customer of Honold Treuhand AG, you benefit from our experience and the ease of use of bexio in the management of your accounting, payroll accounting or even as complete business software in your company.

With bexio, we have found a perfect solution for cooperation between clients and trustees. As a client, you decide which work you do yourself and which you delegate to us. Regardless of whether you work on the road, in your home office or in the office: You always have the current figures in view. And if you don't have an answer to a question, we will be happy to help you, quickly and without complications. Since we both work on the same system, you will also see the solution immediately.

The great thing about this type of collaboration is that we can tailor it to your individual needs. You want us to do the bookkeeping for you, but you want to have an overview of your finances at all times? No problem. You would like to enter and post the receipts yourself, but delegate the payroll accounting to us for reasons of discretion? This is also possible.

Time and expense recording on the move? Pay slips every month directly to your mobile phone or would you rather have them on paper? Release creditor vouchers on the move via mobile phone or would you prefer analogue? You decide what is right for you. We help you with the implementation!

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