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Audit, tax and fiduciary services.

You have trusted here not only as a long-time customer, but also as a potential new customer.

We and our dedicated team will be happy to advise and support you in all matters relating to your business or private finances. And where we reach our limits, we can draw on an experienced network of experts. For you, everything from a single source and with a direct contact person.

In other words, really familiar.

Really versatile.

The many faces of a trust company.

At this point, we could describe our business areas in sober words. We have chosen a different path and prefer to let our fictitious, but very everyday customers speak. Do you perhaps recognise yourself in one or one of them?


The SME owner

Annina Münster is a textile entrepreneur and has needed an external auditor since 2020 because the opting-out no longer applies to more than 10 employees.

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The Constructive

With the annual financial statement and the wages, one would be happy for support. After the last audit, AHV and FAR contributions had to be paid in arrears.

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Tax consultancy

The foresighted

After inheriting a large fortune, Alexa Weber wonders how she should pay tax on it and whether a house renovation would make sense now.

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Salary accounting

The Maker

The MB has decided against hiring an HR specialist. Payroll administration is to be delegated to an external service provider.

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Value added tax

The International

Since 2018, global sales have been taken into account and the company must now also register for its Swiss sales.

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Succession planning

The patron

And Fritz Ledergerber, after much hesitation, would be willing to put his company into younger hands. He is seeking professional advice for the liquidation and financing.

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The founder

The company is up and running, but the administrative matters are getting on Stefan Kaufmann's nerves. Now the tax administration has also signed up for an audit.

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Pension advice

The long sighted

Will Johanna Müller's assets be enough to continue her current lifestyle after retirement? Johanna is unsure and seeks advice.

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Property Management

The landowners

The Hofer/Schmitt family would like to continue to hold the properties as private assets, but would like to place the administrative work in particular in external hands.

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Management consultancy

The Foundation Board

The foundation structures seem a bit old-fashioned to Beatrice Meier, and she suggests an "aggiornamento" to the other foundation board members.

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