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The Foundation Board

The foundation structures seem a bit old-fashioned to Beatrice Meier, and she suggests an "aggiornamento" to the other foundation board members.

Beatrice trained as an early childhood educator after primary school. The contact with children was very enriching. After the birth of her son, Beatrice worked part-time again in a daycare center and took over its management after two years. The language deficits of many children awakened Beatrice's interest in speech therapy. She trained as a speech therapist for three years. In addition to her part-time work at the day-care centre, Beatrice built up a side-line as a speech therapist and turned it into her current profession. Her clients include children and adolescents as well as numerous adults.

One of her former assignors, Dr. Hubert Schwestermann, admired Ms. Meier's commitment. In addition to serving as a local councillor, Dr. Schwestermann also serves on four different foundations as a foundation board member. A long-time fellow foundation board member indicated to him that she would like to step down due to age. Dr. Schwestermann was able to convince Beatrice to make herself available as her successor.

The tasks as a foundation councillor are interesting; Beatrice particularly liked the opportunity to help other people. However, the organization of the foundations seems a bit old-fashioned to Beatrice, and she asks herself what responsibility she shares as a foundation councilor. She suggests an "aggiornamento" of the organizations to the other foundation councils.

And you?

  • Are you looking for a partner to support you in organisational and legal matters?
  • Do you attach importance to an informative, transparent and comprehensible accounting system, if necessary based on an accounting standard such as SWISS-GAAP FER?
  • Should the real estate - the foundation's assets - be managed professionally?
  • Should the expertise of the foundation boards in legal matters (compliance) be strengthened and basic knowledge of asset investment be imparted?
  • Could VAT issues become topical in relation to rental and donation income?

What Honold offers

We help you to focus on your work as a foundation board member. We can dispel the uneasy feeling that you might be doing something wrong by developing some tools to manage the foundation professionally. We can provide the know-how necessary for a foundation board with targeted, short training sessions. We benefit from our broad experience with other foundations. We can provide optimal support in bookkeeping and accounting, so that all foundation boards know what is involved. We can provide comprehensive support for dual certification and other measures to professionalise foundations and take them a step further.

Are you active in a foundation? We would be happy to support you with your challenges!


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