Succession planning

The patron

And Fritz Ledergerber, after much hesitation, would be willing to put his company into younger hands. He is seeking professional advice for the liquidation and financing.

Fritz Ledergerber did an apprenticeship as a bricklayer. The work was hard, but instructive. Two years later, Fritz switched to the construction company Hug & Müller and passed his master craftsman's examination there. At that time Hug & Müller carried out all kinds of building construction work. Since Fritz developed a special talent for numbers and dealing with employees, he was soon given the commercial management. After Albert Müller had retired from the business, Fritz was able to take over his share and a few years later also the share of Tobias Hug. Today the company operates under the name Ledergeber Bau AG and concentrates on the renovation of old buildings. Thanks to his good relations with the city of Zurich and Rapperswil, Fritz is always able to secure interesting contracts.

Fritz has always put off his own succession. His children signaled early on that they were not interested. The unresolved succession issue has already led to the departure of several potential candidates. Of the total of 25 employees, long-time employees Peter Lustenberger and Pirmin Aschwanden would be willing to take over the company. And Fritz, according to his own statements, would in turn be prepared to place it in younger hands. Fritz is seeking professional advice on how to effectively approach the succession and what financing options are available.

And you?

  • Do you need someone who can provide you with comprehensive support for your company succession and suggest solutions?
  • Would you like to know the value of your company? Is recognition for your life's work equally important to you?
  • Should a concrete plan be worked out: Values, timetable, procedure?
  • Should the trustee act as a mediator in the negotiation between the parties?
  • Do you need an accounting and payroll solution that was previously done by someone else?

What Honold offers

We have already found succession solutions for several clients. We are not purely number-oriented and know that succession processes involve much more emotion than just numbers and money. We understand that such a process needs to be well thought out and implemented. Our in-depth knowledge of business processes enables us to design a suitable succession solution for Fritz and his two successors that will last in the long term.

Are you a patron, a patronne? We would be happy to support you in your challenges!


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