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The foresighted

After inheriting a large fortune, Alexa Weber wonders how she should pay tax on it and whether a house renovation would make sense now.

After graduating from high school, Alexandra began studying law at the University of Fribourg, graduating summa cum laude. At 35, Alexa married her former fellow student Frank Weber. He brought his daughter Sophia into the marriage. Shortly after the wedding, their daughter Claudia was born. Alexa is a professor at the Institute for International Law and Foreign Constitutional Law at the University of Zurich, while Frank comes from a wealthy family and works as a self-employed architect.

This year, Alexa's godmother Maria passed away unexpectedly at the age of 60, leaving Alexa a substantial fortune. The question has arisen for the Wegners as to how they should pay tax on the inherited assets. They intend to use part of the inheritance to renovate their home. Frank would do the planning and construction management himself. He wonders if there are any special points to consider when renovating their own residence or how the renovation can be realized in the most attractive way from a tax perspective.

Alexa could also imagine moving into the property she also inherited from her aunt Maria instead of renovating. Here, too, renovation work would have to be carried out first. Finally, Frank has been planning to convert his sole proprietorship into a public limited company for some time and does not know whether this would make sense now under the given circumstances or whether he should wait - purely from a tax point of view. In general, the Wegners are wondering whether there is still potential for optimisation from a tax perspective due to the new situation.

And you?

  • Do you also want to structure your assets in a tax-optimised way or at least know where there are opportunities for optimisation?
  • Do you consider tax-related tasks to be too complex and error-prone for you to handle yourself?
  • Do you have important (construction) projects that you would like to plan taking tax aspects into account?

What Honold offers

We can offer our clients comprehensive tax advice from a single source and, in complex cases, draw on a network of specialists. We are familiar with the facets of tax and inheritance law challenges, and when it comes to real estate issues, we can draw on the expertise of our employees. In doing so, we also always make clients aware that taxes are an important, but only a single aspect of financial management.

Are you forward thinking? We would be happy to support you in your challenges!


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