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The Maker

The MB has decided against hiring an HR specialist. Payroll administration is to be delegated to an external service provider.

Patrick Meier's son plays in the junior team of the ZSC Lyons. At a game of the senior team, Patrick meets his fellow student Omar again, who has founded Albatros IT Consulting GmbH together with a friend. Omar is an ingenious developer, and thanks to a good network of contacts, interesting orders could already be acquired in the first business year. What is still missing is a commercial management.

It is quickly agreed that Patrick, as a businessman and financial advisor IAF, should take on this task and join the company. The accounting is easy to manage thanks to AbaWeb, and the salaries for the few employees can be kept in an Excel spreadsheet. After only five years, the company has grown to 60 employees. In the meantime, Albatros has gained a foothold in Germany with a subsidiary. A young employee could be found for the bookkeeping. However, Patrick continues to pay the wages, also for reasons of discretion.

For the Sharepoint area, a new employee could be found who would like to participate in the company in the long term. A simple, transparent, but also tax-efficient solution was to be worked out for him. The accounting of expenses via self-developed Excel forms is getting on in years, as is the invoicing system, which is no longer being further developed. In addition, Patrick has to take care of the day-to-day business.

The management has decided against hiring an HR specialist because it does not want to become dependent. In addition, the information on the personnel area is to be managed separately. It was therefore decided to delegate salary administration to an external service provider.

And you?

  • Are you looking for a partner who can relieve you of routine tasks and leave you room for strategic tasks?
  • Do you want a simple and modern system that is understood and used by all employees?
  • Would you like to have an overview of the running costs in the personnel area at all times?
  • Are you looking for a contact person for legal and organisational questions in human resources management who can point out possible pitfalls?
  • Should the salary administration be easily integrated into the existing accounting solution?

What Honold offers

We manage salary mandates for small, medium and large companies. Thanks to continuous training, we keep an eye on the latest developments. Our employees are competent and our systems are very flexible. Our clients' employees can record their working hours and expenses conveniently while on the move. We make the accounting data available to our customers via the desired interface, they only need to read it in. We also offer mobile solutions for management that is frequently on the road. We don't just do wages, but can also support our customers in related areas with valuable information.

Are you a doer, a doer? We would be happy to support you in your challenges!


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