The SME owner

Annina Münster is a textile entrepreneur and has needed an external auditor since 2020 because the opting-out no longer applies to more than 10 employees.

Annina completed an apprenticeship as a textile merchant and subsequently developed her skills in various companies. After a long journey, she founded a company in the textile sector and soon celebrated her first successes. Her company produces individual and tasteful creations and sells them mainly in Switzerland. The production takes place under consideration of progressive working conditions at home and abroad as well as under ecological aspects. Due to her open-minded nature and her interest, Annina repeatedly receives exciting requests to place her creations in larger fashion houses (Jelmoli, Globus).

Seit 2020 benötigt sie eine externe Revisionsstelle, da das bisherige Opting-out aufgrund der steigenden Mitarbeiterzahlen (<10) wegfällt. Annina möchte diese Gelegenheit auch nutzen, um die bisherige Buchhaltung kritisch beurteilen und allfälliges Steuerspar-Potenzial eruieren zu lassen. Sie hat keine Erfahrung mit Revisoren und sieht in einer Revisionsstelle auch einen starken Nutzen. Die Revision an und für sich ist für sie eine notwendige Pflicht.

Sie wählt keine «Big Four»-Unternehmen und fühlt sich in einem kleineren, sympathischen und professionellen Treuhandbüro mit möglichst breiter Abstützung am wohlsten.

And you?

  • Are you looking for a partner who can help you with the obligatory audit?
  • Would you like broad and comprehensive support as well as suggestions for solutions?
  • Is your goal first and foremost the limited audit of the annual financial statements, but in the second step also good advice?
  • Are you only familiar with the most necessary accounting topics and are not very interested in specific details, but very interested in the corresponding consulting topics?

What Honold offers

We have a broad customer segment and can respond individually to different requirements. We have no industry fixation. We are not purely number-oriented. We offer the possibility of a very comprehensive support and advice due to the cooperation with partners, without endangering the independence as an auditor.

Are you an SME owner? We would be happy to support you with your challenges!


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