The founder

The company is up and running, but the administrative matters are getting on Stefan Kaufmann's nerves. Now the tax administration has also signed up for an audit.

Stefan completed his IT studies at the ETH in Zurich. In the USA, he was able to complete an internship year at Microsoft - a tremendously exciting and educational time. However, he cannot imagine working for a large company like Google or Microsoft. The opportunities to implement his own ideas are very limited there.

Already during his studies, he became friends with a student from the field of geotechnics. This gave rise to the idea of developing software that can detect and record ground displacements in exposed areas based on measurements with fiber optic cables. Stefan has already found a supplier in Germany for the technical measuring instruments. ETH helped him with the financing of his start-up. The company is up and running, but the administrative issues are getting on top of Stefan, and now the Swiss Federal Tax Administration has already registered for an audit.

And you?

  • Do you want a partner who has your back for your projects?
  • Would you like to know ad hoc what your financial situation is? Are insurance issues also important?
  • Have you hired your first employees whose wages are to be accounted for?
  • Would you like to file your company's tax return - and your personal one, too?
  • Are VAT issues current because of the import of equipment? Could distribution in the EU area become possible?

What Honold offers

We free the founder from his administrative worries. We support him very closely in the hectic start-up phase and thus lay a foundation for a long-term cooperation.

Are you forward thinking? We would be happy to support you in your challenges!


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