Pension advice

The long sighted

Will Johanna Müller's assets be enough to continue her current lifestyle after retirement? Johanna is unsure and seeks advice.

Johanna Müller grew up in Donaueschingen and went to school there. Her parents separated when Johanna was 15. She moved with her mother to Adliswil and did a commercial apprenticeship in Zurich. She worked in sales at Hugentobler AG, where she also met her first husband Rainer, with whom she had her two children. Rainer died unexpectedly at the age of almost 40. When the children were out of the house, Johanna increased her workload again. This was not difficult for her, as she had never completely given up her professional activities.

Today she heads the purchasing department of a trading company with 120 employees in the city of Zurich. Her husband had taken out a life insurance policy for her and their children, from which she was able to pay off the entire mortgage on their single-family home and also received cash assets of
CHF 300,000. Johanna was also able to put aside an additional CHF 200,000 from her own gainful employment
. Will her assets be sufficient to continue her current lifestyle after retirement? Johanna is unsure and seeks specialist advice.

And you?

  • Would you like to know how far your existing assets will stretch and what benefits you can expect in old age?
  • Would you like to be shown what options are available for investing your assets?
  • Is it necessary to clarify which persons can be beneficiaries and in which form?
  • Are provisions to be made in the event of disability, incapacity to judge or death?
  • Would you like to have solutions for preserving and passing on the house to your children?

What Honold offers

We have acquired a profound knowledge of social insurance and pension schemes. Our employees are constantly undergoing further training in these areas. We can provide you with an overview of your current situation and show you where you should start in order to enjoy a relaxed retirement. We are familiar with the various aspects of pension planning, can assess the tax and legal implications, as well as the opportunities and risks, to help you achieve your goals.

Do you have vision? We would be happy to support you in your challenges!


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