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Abaninja - not a martial art

For small and medium-sized companies, Abacus offers Abaninja, a cloud-based all-round package for all accounting requirements.

You get a comprehensible order processing at hand, with which you can charge your services to your customers. Word and Excel solutions become superfluous. You can send your invoices on paper as usual, but you can also send them to your customers directly by e-mail in an environmentally friendly way. And yes, of course your customer will receive a contemporary Swiss-QR deposit slip to transfer the money to you.

You can conveniently collect your customers' payments via an internet connection and have them posted automatically. This way, incoming payments always remain up-to-date and you keep track of your open balances. Did we mention that you can of course also remind late payers of their outstanding payments via Abaninja?

You simply scan the invoices that you receive from your suppliers. Abaninja automatically reads the necessary information from the document and supports you in entering the invoices. The system is constantly learning, which means that entering the documents is always easy. Some customers claim that it is even fun.

Transferring the invoices is just as easy: You create a payment file and transmit it via your internet banking directly to your house bank. With some banks, such as Raiffeisenbank, it is possible to transmit payments directly from Abaninja. It couldn't be easier!

Your data is stored on servers in Switzerland. You don't need to worry about data backup, Abacus takes care of that.

Abaninja is a simple tool that enables small businesses to perform a large part of their administrative work quickly, in a modern, secure and reliable way from anywhere.

Do you have questions about the possibilities of Abaninja? We are happy to support you!

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