Meyer - Partner

"Our profession is very lively: You get to know a lot of people, you're often on the road, the legal basis is constantly changing. What I value most is the recurring customer contact."

With Honold Treuhand AG since 2001.
Special fields: Auditing, tax consulting, management consulting

After studying economics at the University of Zurich, Sven Meyer learned the auditing trade at a Big Four company, where he also obtained his auditor's diploma. He then moved to an international corporation, where he dedicated himself to building up the internal audit department. After four years of increasing travel, he returned to the auditing department of a smaller, renowned trust company on Klusplatz.

Sven Meyer is a Swiss certified public accountant and is licensed as an audit expert as well as accredited by most self-regulatory or supervisory organizations for GWG audits in Switzerland.

In addition to auditing SMEs and employee benefit plans, he is happy to advise clients on general tax matters, accounting closings, company formations and general fiduciary aspects.


Make one out of two

The merger of Honold Treuhand AG and Staubli + Partner AG under one roof is based on the long-standing close partnership between these two companies. We have many years of experience in auditing and advising companies of all sizes, are all certified public accountants and particularly enjoy tackling tricky tasks.

Jakob Mäder


Mäder - Partner

Business economist FH and certified auditor, audit expert

Fleur Sigrist


Sigrist - Partnerin

Business economist FH and certified auditor, audit expert and MAS FH in VAT / LL.M. VAT

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